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Even in Weariness: Long Days of Filming at Seney Wildlife Refuge

A behind-the-scenes story about Seney National Wildlife Refuge from Producer Jared Smith

Jared Smith looks into the viewfinder of his camera on a recent shoot to Seney National Wildlife Refuge
Producer Jared Smith steadies his camera to capture just the right shot during a long day of filming at Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Last summer, our crew visited the Seney National Wildlife Refuge in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We planned to film the sunsets as well as the sunrises every day of our week-long trip. However, because of the summer solstice and being so far north, this required staying up late for the 11pm sunsets and then shutting our eyes for just a few short hours before our 3:30am wakeup call. Now, if carrying bulky, 30-pound camera gear and hiking through Michigan's summer humidity doesn't exhaust you, the sleepless nights will surely wear you out, these were long days of filming.

On our second day, we stayed up so late filming that our crew leader actually felt ill and we had to cancel a sunrise shoot. Exhausted, we ventured out later that morning for a full day of shooting. The sites we hiked past were nice enough, but the weather was tough and we couldn't capture such stunning footage as we had hoped. Convinced the day would be a loss, we stopped for lunch feeling both hungry and discouraged. After lunch, however, the Lord led us into areas with more opportunities and allowed us to begin capturing some truly gorgeous videos. We got amazing footage of beavers, a rare bird, ducks, and other wildlife along the way. Be sure to look for each of these animals and other shots from the wildlife refuge in our new music video, "Near the Cross / He Hideth My Soul / All the Way My Savior Leads Me" by Mary Beth Carlson. We are so grateful that the Lord worked through us — even through our weariness — to bring His creation to you and your family!


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