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Looking up at trees in North Cascades National Park

Demo Videos


RadiantTV takes viewers to nature’s most beautiful revelations of God’s glory. From the glimmering waves of the sea to the most breathtaking backcountry, enjoy majestic scenery that stirs up a spirit of worship towards our Creator! Each episode features thoughtfully selected Bible passages supported by beautifully composed music promising to bring comfort and peace to your viewers.

90 Second Music Video Montage

A short look at a variety of music videos to provide an overview of the sounds and look of RadiantTV.

5 Minute Music Video

A full look at a sample music video from Yosemite National Park in California.

30 Minute Complete Episode

Get to see the exact format RadiantTV uses in this full 30-minute sample with an introduction, breaks, and pitch. Every 1/2 hour episode fades to black at 27:30. An affiliate can choose to run local spots to fill the full 30:00 or RadiantTV will provide "filler" content if you prefer to not insert your own content.

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