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God's Creation Unveiled: Capturing Amazing Wildlife Footage

A Behind the Scenes Look at Cuyahoga Valley National Park's Wildlife

When RadiantTV’s production team recently traveled to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, we were surprised by the abundant variety of wildlife found there. Our team would often say at the end of the day “Wow, wait until you see what I got today.” Then, they would proceed to tell about a cool wildlife shot they were able to capture, close up.

The RadiantTV team who captured wildlife footage
RadiantTV's production team at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Capturing wildlife footage is actually a very difficult task and an art to master. Normally, you find a shot of a bird in the distance, or a deer running away before you’re set up to record, animals quickly moving making focus difficult or wildlife seemingly strategically walking behind trees, rocks, or brush that ruin shot composition. But, this trip was different. It was almost as if the animals were instructed by God himself to pose perfectly for the cameras. And maybe they were, as God wanted to reveal his glory and power through his abundant, beautiful diversity of wildlife on display for all of our RadiantTV viewers.

Team member in the field behind the scenes capturing wildlife footage
RadiantTV's producer / editor Aden Walsh using his talents for the Lord.

What better song to highlight God’s glory than Peggy Duquesnel’s original song called “The Greatest Miracle,” one of our music videos featuring some of the unique wildlife found in the marshes and valleys of Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park. So next time you enjoy one of our Cuyahoga Valley videos, think about our wonderful Creator, His glory, and His command over all creation. And, if he takes care of the sparrow, how much more his beloved creation of you.


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